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You've got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.

All I can think about is PoA! This may upset my plans to write some GW and finish reading J/D ficathons entries this weekend.

Thank you kindly to all who have linked their reviews, or their own lists of PoA links in my first SPOILERY post. Also, mylexie has some PoA stuff to give away in her NON-SPOILERY post.

We went to a 7:30 PM show -- and thank you to the Boy for convincing me to go then. I was all set to see the film later in the weekend, but he's all for opening night energy. Much the right choice. We lined up several hours early, which was also kind of fun.

The Boy did not pull together his Hagrid outfit due to problems finding good hair/beard. "Maybe I should let my hair and beard grow now so I'll be ready for Goblet of Fire," he said. Sure. You do that and I'll see you then. *g* We did wear scarves in line, which was just enough fannish representation for me. I wanted to wear the scarf again today when I went to get coffee but I contented myself with wearing it on the balcony as I drank my coffee. I think I need a summer-weight scarf.

There were some cool school outfits in line, but I didn't see anyone dressed up as anything else. Lots of scarves, with the majority Hufflepuff for some reason. Maybe there's a school in town with those colours.

I can't wait until I have the DVD so I can freeze-frame all sorts of stuff. All the carving on the wall when Harry goes to see Lupin -- I really want to read that. Snape's werewolf slides. Draco's love note to Harry. The Map. And much other background stuff.

What was Dudley watching on TV? Anything in particular? And the wizard in the Cauldron reading Stephen Hawking -- was there an in-joke there, beyond the constant refs in the film to time?

And does anyone know the exact wording of Sirius's fore-shadowing tear-jerking line to Harry about how those who love us (or whom we love) never really leave us? I know that was adapted from one of Dumbledore's lines, but I'd like to get the line from the movie to make an icon with.

PoA really turned into Lupin's movie! (Much like RotK turned into Pippin's movie, I think.) What a fantastic teacher he was. All his scenes with Harry were filled with great non-creepy rapport. And I loved the way Remus moved. And he was so clearly off on his honeymoon with Sirius at the end.

Wow, was Snape ever hot sinisterly graceful hot sympathetic (and hot) in this film! I adore that they kept in the "Lupin"-"Severus" touch between him and Remus. I loved his protectiveness of the Trio at the end. It would have been nice to get the actual reason for his dislike of Remus and Sirius, though, as it's such an important part of the canon.

I forgot to say before how much I enjoyed the Knight Bus and Stan Shunpike. Brilliantly funny. And I think Ernie was driving on my route a few months ago.

Um, why did Peter Pettigrew's clothing drop to the ground when he transformed into Scabbers? Since he had clothes when he transformed from Scabbers before. And we didn't see Sirius lose his kit when he became Padfoot.

It stands to reason Buckbeak would attack Draco if he's being fed on ferrets. *g*

I really wish there had been more than a glimpse of Pansy. She looked wonderful.

Cuarón -- I love you. Well, I already loved you. Now I adore you.

K, enough for now.

I think I'm going back on Sunday afternoon. I didn't buy tix in advance, so I'll plan it so I can fall back on Day After Tomorrow or Van Helsing. And maybe I can convince the Boy to go again during the week. Eeee! The fandom love!

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