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Looking for PoT recs

So, um, Prince of Tennis. I've been downloading eps for a while and watching them. It's a fun, fun show, even if it is about a bunch of tennis-playing kids. The matches are exciting and the filler eps are very, very charming. I'm only up to ep 35 so far -- trying to limit my downloading so my ISP doesn't complain. (Plus I have to balance it out with Naruto and my weekly FMA fix. *g*)

Yesterday, when I was trying not to post to LJ about PoA every five minutes, I watched about 10 or 12 eps in a row. And then I wanted fic. I don't anticipate that I'll be reading in this fandom a lot or that I'll be writing in it at all (or even posting about it much in LJ), but right now I'm in the crushy *need* phase.

Looking for InuKai, because of course. But mostly, I'm after sweet and not-too-sexy TezuRyo. Not sure why I'm convinced of Their Eternal Love (And Boyish Kissage), but there it is. At first, I thought it was a really creepy pairing, but then I realised that even though Tezuka looks 25 and acts 35, he's got to be only about 15 or maybe even 14. (Unless I've completely misunderstood the schooling system -- please clue me in if so.)

It's a little disconcerting, actually. With the exception of Rudy Miller Ryoma, they all look somewhere between 5 - 10 years older than they must really be. I mean, if Momoshiro were as old as he looks, I'd be writing creepy fic about him and Nanjiroh. (What would that pairing smush be?) But there's creepy and then there's creepy, so I won't be going there.

Is there a centralized PoT archive someplace? I've not had much success with Google. I've exhausted ff.n (hey, I like badfic and you've got to love a fandom where the het fics are all marked "not yaoi!") and there wasn't anything to speak of in my pairings at Skyehawke. I've joined up to tenipuri_yaoi in hopes that some will come down the pike, but their layout is SO very unusable that it's nearly impossible to look back through old postings. And there didn't seem to be any comms for those specific pairings. I'm searching back through potfics, atm, though, so I might have some luck there.

ETA: I did find inu_kai, so that should help. But I still need my romantic TezuRyo!

I just want those pairings at the moment. Any suggestions?

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