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Bloggage: Pretty, Pretty, and Ranty

fileg posts pics that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sean Bean is the sexiest man in the known universe.

Whilst trying (and pretty much failing) to find a good Sirius pic for an icon, I came across this series of ads for Donna Karan that Gary Oldman and Milla Jovovich did in 2000. Oh my god, they are both so beautiful. (The first time I ever searched for pictures of a woman online, many years ago, it was for Milla.)

There are pics on both a Gary site and a Milla site, with different emphasis for each. But lots of them together and that's what's really, really hot. Esp this pic. And this one. Oh god, and this one.

Everyone should read qowf's rant: "An open letter to the fan-girls I sat next to tonight at the 10:45 Prisoner of Azkaban".

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