Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

A bit more PoA

My attempts to make a Sirius icon are not going well at all. But hey, TezuRyo!

A few more PoA bits, from tonight's viewing:

* During the Aunt Marge crisis, Petunia can't stop wiping things with the cloth she's holding! She wipes the doorframe as watches Marge float off and wipes Vernon as she comforts him. And she waves to Marge. *g* I love Petunia. Perhaps there will be young!Petunia/Sirius fic someday.

* Harry has a picture of a spider on the wall of his bedroom at the Dursleys. I can't think why!

* The Boy informs me that the clock strikes 14 as Harry and Hermione race to get back to the hospital wing.

* Harry's pantsing of Crabbe nicely foreshadows Snape's Worst Memory.

* There's not enough Snape. But then, how much Snape would be enough? I'm thinking maybe Snape: The Motion Picture.

* When I saw the big Hogwarts door being barred, I was seized with a desire to see a ram taken to it before the end of the saga. ("Grond! Grond!") I guess I just like rams. *g*

* The Boy: "Maybe the choir foreshadows that Book Six will be an opera!"

* I can't believe they are making a lame-ass live-action Thunderbirds movie. (I guess that was from the trailers.)

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