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A plea for help with IRC.

I have googled and I have fiddled, but I am having some IRC DCC (leeching) issues and I could use a little help, if anyone is so inclined.

I'm trying to leech a file for the very first time. Here's my data:

  • OS X 10.3.3
  • ircle 3.1.
  • prefs set to auto-accept DCC, auto-save, and auto-resume
  • firewall off for this endeavour (I figured I could deal with that issue next time)
  • behind a router
  • Shaw cable
  • public IP number setting on (I tried with it off too)


  • no identd -- ircle used to use the identd built-in to OS X but it's not there in 10.3 for some reason
  • irc works fine for chat
  • using irc.rizon.net

The channel I'm in is using bots, so I sent the little message to the bot and it said it was sending me the file. The connection opens, then it closes with a "Connection Lost (Connection reset by peer)" message and all I'm left with is a 0k file. I've tried this a few times, in case it was a fluke.

Any thoughts of things I should look at? Other OS X irc clients that you think would be better?

In other news, I haven't been very posty lately. Sorry about that -- I think I'm getting lost inside my own brain right now. Here's what I'm up to:

Watching: tennis boys
Writing: Quidditch boys
Reading: A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett
Drinking: oatmeal stout
Listening: Yaida Hitomi
Thinking: a lot

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