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One Year Later

fraught reminds us that Order of the Phoenix was released one year ago today. Wow, I remember how nervous I was that week -- trying to avoid spoilers and being ticked off when I found out that *somebody* would die, though I didn't know who until I read the book. I went offline for more than 24 hours -- didn't read any news of any sort. Then got up at 5:00 AM to go over to the bookstore with the Boy who has a Key and got my book. Read it in about 6 hours, racing, racing all the way, and was exhuasted.

I didn't cry, but I felt sad about Sirius. And felt a little sad that I needed to suck the book down so quickly. It didn't feel like *reading* to me. I re-read it immediately afterwards at a more normal pace and enjoyed it a lot more.

Ah, memories:

Waiting for Harry -- A Photojournal
First impressions
What I wanted people to write

I note that my prediction of a lot of Firenze fic turned out to be totally wrong. *g* And that at that point I was hoping for Harry/Neville. Which I've cooled on since. Maybe I need to re-read the book. The last time I did, I bogged down in the Department of Mysteries and never quite finished.

I notice that there was a lot of stuff -- talk and fic -- about Umbridge right off, but she seems to have all but dropped off the fannish radar, at least as far as I can see. (Hem hem.) I remember someone -- boniblithe I think -- saying after she finished the book, she went into her kitchen and turned all her decorative kitten plates to face the wall. I don't think anyone is as freaked out now as they were then.

Do people remember the scar on Harry's hand when they write about him? I must say, I'd almost forgotten it. Do people write about Ron the Quidditch King? About the fact that Hermione was still writing to Viktor? About the possible effects of Ron's enounter with the flying brain?

Yeah, I think it's time for a re-read.

And you! What were you doing that day? What were you feeling? How has a year changed your impressions of OotP?
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