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You can call me Hal.

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HP Kissage: Marcus/Oliver
holding hands
Entry #4 in the Week of Boy Kissage. I didn't have much time to write, so we're back to Harry Potter for now. I can get to other fandoms at the weekend. And I see that the kissing is spreading. (I'm not as nice as these people, though. They're taking suggestions, while chez Hal, it's my way or the highway.) It makes a nice break from kerfuffles, that's for sure. I thought maybe we needed a slogan like More Kissing, Less Wanking. But it just doesn't sound right, somehow...

Marcus/Oliver, PG13, 300 words.
Kissing. Plus.
(These are all meant to be kissing only, but these two kind of got away from me. I think it's still OK for a PG13, though.)


Everything Oliver does with Marcus is like fighting. Quidditch is a war, his men against Marcus's and both of them on the front lines. Meeting in the corridors is a duel, sharp jabs with fingers and wands and words. And kissing -- kissing is a brawl.

Marcus fists the front of Oliver's robes and yanks him in. Oliver trips Marcus and over they go, rolling on the ground as they try to eat each other's faces off. Marcus twists Oliver's arm behind him and Oliver bites Marcus's lip and they both wince and swear.

Oliver's lungs work hard to get enough air in. This takes more stamina than Quidditch, more cunning than duelling. Pain sears through his arm and he wonders if Marcus will break it one day by accident. Then he wonders if it will be an accident.

They're still kissing. Whatever else they do, they're joined here, mouth to mouth, mouth to skin. Oliver jerks his arm free and pins Marcus to the ground.

Everything is a fight and so someone has to win. This time it's Oliver. Marcus hates to lose but he pays his forfeit when he does. Oliver's shoulder throbs as Marcus goes down on him and the rhythms are just out of sync.

Marcus always hates to lose. Sometimes, Oliver hates to win. Sometimes, Oliver hates to fight.

The next time Marcus twists his arm up behind his back, Oliver bites his own lip instead and shows his throat and whispers, "Please." Marcus stares a moment and then he smiles at Oliver, an ugly smile with an ugly mouth, and pushes Oliver's arm higher until Oliver is lightheaded with the pain. Marcus kisses Oliver, hissing terrible names into Oliver's mouth. Oliver's knees turn to water and he sinks easily, gratefully, when Marcus pushes him down.

Sometimes, both of them can win.

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Hey, I probably should have said it in my post -- thanks for the great idea. I enjoyed *yours* so much, you see, that I just wanted to get in on the fun. :)

And I'm not being nice by taking suggestions. I'm just being lazy. Although getting the Riddick/Captain Aubrey request may indicate a small backfire...

(Loved this, by the way. Boys wrasslin', hoo boy.)


I think I'm just a control freak. I'm really writing these for me, not anyone else, so I get to pick all the pairings. *g*

And glad you enjoyed the boys!

you are such a romantic ♥

I know -- it's soooooo sappy!

i am repeating myself, but as long as you hide it and don't talk about it, i am all for ... it ;)

ps: i am too tired to figure out what your icon says???

Let them hate, so long as they fear.

Oh, those boys are so sweet!* I'm so glad to see they're keeping the Emergency Room in good practice.

* For a certain fucked-up value of sweet, of course.

Hee! I think that passes for sweet between them, at any rate.

I like to hear you say that. :)

Mmmm....Marcus! He and Oliver are such jocks, everything is about winning as losing.

I do love Marcus. I love him when he's cluelessly sweet and oafish and I love him when he's cruel and manipulating. Especially if Oliver and/or Percy are on the receiving end. Ah, happy thoughts!

Dealing with LJ on dialup is almost as bad as dealing with the Cats of Doom...so I have some kissing catching up to do. I'm glad I read this one first. I do love these boys :). They're clearly destined for one another.

Yay, you liked it! Dial-up plus the Horror That Is LJ sounds like too much effort, though. How much longer til you're back with DSL and no cats?

I am home again! No more cats. I'll have to tell about the time I left one of the cats outside all night, and locked another one in the bedroom all day while I was at work (accidental, I assure you), and how I chased one of them into the sunroom because I was doubting my patience to not toss the thing down the basement stairs...I really do like cats, generally *g*.

At least LJ is back, and much, much better with DSL. I'm trying to finish up on Sir Percy. Marcus was being uncooperative earlier, so I threatened to chase him into the sunroom, too, and now it seems to be rolling along *g*.

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