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Narnia Kissage: Caspian/Eustace

Day 6 of Boy Kissage! Today: Narnia. Short since it's been a busy day.

After the Dragon
Caspian/Eustace. PG. 400 words.

After the Dragon

Eustace felt he would never get enough of just walking on two legs. (Though in years to come he did miss being able to fly.) He climbed up a ridge, just for fun, and grinned when he tripped over a stone. And he was tired too! A perfect day.

He looked around for a place to rest and there was a perfect seat: a large, smooth rock, flat and wide, with a view of the bay. Only Caspian was already sitting there.

Eustace thought first of turning round and going back. But there were things he knew he ought to say to Caspian and his new leaf was so freshly turned that it didn't take much extra courage for him to go and sit at Caspian's side.

"I say," Eustace began and then his courage flagged a little.

Caspian turned and looked at Eustace. His face was neither welcoming nor forbidding, it was merely stern and attentive.

"I've been...I've been an ass," Eustace said. "I've behaved rottenly and I can't tell you how sorry I am. I won't be such a nuisance in the future. It's all different now."

"Thank you for your courtesy," Caspian said, his expression still grave. "You have already shown us your new heart these last days. Go on as you are and we will make a man of you." And then he smiled at Eustace.

It made Eustace remember his dream. The kingly glow that had surrounded the lion now seemed to touch Caspian's face and Eustace was drawn to it. He meant to say "thank you very much" and perhaps shake Caspian's hand but what he did was reach up to Caspian and kiss him.

Caspian seemed completely unsurprised. Nor did he pull away. He put his arm about Eustace's shoulder and bent his head. Caspian's mouth was warm as the sun on Eustace's face and behind the sweetness of the kiss was a hint of something deeper.

When they drew apart, Eustace knew that he was grinning like a fool.

"Different indeed!" Caspian said and touched Eustace's cheek with the back of his hand.

"I'm still a Republican," Eustace said. A wholly unfamiliar feeling bubbled up inside of him and the day seemed even more perfect than before.

Caspian laughed and leaned in for another kiss. They heard the sound of rocks sliding and they looked up.

Edmund stared at them with stricken eyes.
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