Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Trailer Park Boys

The video store botched my Stargate S1 DVD order. Specifically: they got it in and then sold it to someone else. So, I have to wait another 2-6 weeks.

But nothing's going to get me down today because season three of my favourite show starts airing tonight. And that show is:

Trailer Park Boys

9 PM on Showcase. Be there.

Julian and Ricky (Ricky's the one who looks like Raveen) are out of jail once more. But this time they have all the cash from last season's Freedom 35 dope operation. Of course, if they keep it until the end of the first episode, I'll be surprised.

I can't find enough good words for this show. It's mockumentary/faux reality TV -- Julian has a documentary crew following him around, filming his life in the trailer park. The dialogue is relatively unscripted and as profanity-laden as only original Canadian productions can be.

The guys are such amazing losers. Julian thinks he's smart, but that's only when compared to Ricky. Ricky knows he's dumb. Last season they spent growing a massive amount of dope to supply the prison (the one they've been in and out of). The guards were selling the dope along to other prisons, so Julian and Ricky had to scramble to get enough.

Of course they ended up back in jail, but not before Ricky managed to get his grade 10 at long last.

Other denizens of the trailer park include:

Bubbles, who wears thick glasses, keeps a lot of cats, and makes his living stealing shopping carts from one mall and selling them to another mall.

Mr Lahey and Randy, ineffectual trailer park supervisors. Mr Lahey is a failed cop and Randy never wears a shirt.

Corey and Trevor, who end up doing all the tasks that Julian and Ricky think are beneath them. (I'm hot for Corey.)

Lucy and Sarah, both of whom have on-and-off relationships with Ricky. Lucy and Ricky have a daughter, Trinity. Trinity, who was smoking at eight years old, once shot Ricky in the ass by accident.

You've seen Jonathan Torrens cute and perky in Jonovision, naked, gay, and fucking in Beefcake, now watch him deliver near-incomprehensible dialogue as J-Roc, leader of the ROCPILE, a sort of trailer park street gang.

Only in Canada, you say? Ah, but now you can order seasons 1 and 2 on DVD!

I'm all a-flutter, waiting for tonight.

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