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HP Kissage: Remus/Sirius

[ This was yesterday's entry, but I wasn't able to post it last night. ]

Day 8 and the last installment of Boy Kissage. There were other fandoms I wanted to get to, but for now, I'm spent. We're back to Harry Potter with a bit of Remus/Sirius so sappy you could boil it down and serve it over pancakes.

All He Wanted
Remus/Sirius. PG13. 350 words.

All He Wanted

"Wait," Remus said and caught Sirius's arm.

"We're late already," Sirius said but he stopped and stood with Remus in the corridor.

"Since when do you care about being late?" Remus said, his hand still on Sirius's sleeve.

"Since when do you not care?" Sirius countered and grinned.

Since a week ago, Remus thought. Since that first shocking moment when they had fallen into each other. And now all he cared about was Sirius. He moved closer and curled his hands into the front of Sirius's robe.

"Right here?" Sirius actually looked a little surprised. Remus didn't blame him. But it had been two full hours since he had kissed Sirius and he couldn't wait a moment longer.

His skin was pricking as he leaned in. Sirius had already opened his mouth and their tongues slid together before their lips met. Every kiss was better than the one before it: was hotter, was deeper, was pulling him further under.

Remus put his arms around Sirius's neck and Sirius circled Remus's waist. They were touching everywhere they could, chest to knees, and Remus pressed in closer and closer.

He could never get enough of Sirius. He had always to be beside him now, thighs brushing when they sat, shoulders bumping, passing plates at dinner so their fingers could touch for just a moment longer. In lessons, Remus sat behind Sirius so he could watch him shift and stretch in his seat and Remus had to grip his quill hard to keep from reaching out to run his hand through Sirius's hair or down the curve of his spine.

He did that now: one hand up into the soft nape of Sirius's neck and the other moving slowly down his back. Sirius bit gently at Remus's lower lip and Remus sucked at Sirius's tongue.

Remus was dissolving from the inside, melting over a blue-hot flame, so overwhelmed by sensation that he thought he couldn't stand any more. But he still couldn't get enough, it was all he wanted, he would never get enough of Sirius, never.

But he was going to spend the rest of his life trying.
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