Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


1. Ranty thing 1: Why would you post a fic and then say right in the intro that you don't care about characterization and there is much OOC-ness in the story? Aargh! (Though I guess I should be glad you warned me.)

2. Ranty thing 2: Why would you start up a quite average fic challenge community, then make it closed membership, but not actually mention that fact in the userinfo? (I've nothing at all against closed communities, but at least say why you think I should have to beg you for membership!)

3. Linky thing 1: I would like to draw your attention to kestrelsan's new HP story: Sir Percy and the Dragon. (Probably G or PG at most.) This is an odd and very charming story that grew out of one of the weird conversations we always have, this time about living armour (or maybe it was talking swords). Now I just have to get her to write the one about Remus and Snape trapped in the coal mine...

4. Linky thing 2: I've been following yaoi_daily for a while and there are usually some cool things posted. But this, this exceeded all my expectations. The story is called Vibrator Company and it is beyond funny and bizarre. It's scanlated, so you'll get the full effect. This is SO NOT worksafe. Very, very XXX. Very, very explicit. Do not click on these links if you are at work. Do not click if you are at a public computer at university. Do not click if you are under 18. Do not click if your mother is still alive, because you know she'll find out. Otherwise, click and enjoy and remember to follow the panels from right to left. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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