Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

A bit on Tenipuri

I've finally finished all the Prince of Tennis subbed eps -- all 119 of them. Whew! But it's sad not to have any more big bunches to download. On the other hand, I can get back to my Naruto consumption soon.

1. Did you ever think that maybe Tezuka actually went to Paris to become an international male supermodel? It seems entirely possible.

2. When I thought there was a 0.1% chance that Arai would get to play in the Rikkaidai match, I almost hyperventilated. He is so my Seigaku boyfriend.

3. Oh my god, the MomoKai! Things seemed to be heating up at the training camp and then doubles together! Kaidoh on the phone! I die of the cuteness. And mauling each other on the court! And being supportive! And the bandana given as a token of love! I die, I die, I die. (I could have done without the whole dog-saving incident, though.) It seems I'm totally happy to switch between the InuKai and the MomoKai, just so long as someone is properly appreciating the boy.

4. In re the series in general, I've been thinking that it's not just about Ryoma's tennis journey, but it's also about his socialization. He's an odd kid, a loner. In the US that's more acceptable than in Japan. Now he has to be part of a group, he has to learn to fit in with his classmates, he learns to rely on other people and be a functioning member of the team. I really like that aspect of the show.

5. Yamato is a freak.

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