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Weasley is our king.

I had a four-day weekend and I didn't do any writing at all. It felt really good. *g* I did get out some old WIPs and look at them, though. There was one that I started when I was casting about for something to do for the Harry/Neville fest: an Adrian Mole pastiche about Neville's summer diary.

August 1

At breakfast, I tried to tell Gran about being gay, but I choked on a bit of bacon and she had to thump my back. By the time I was all right again, I'd lost my nerve. I've gone right off bacon too.

I had to abandon it, though, because Neville was in love with Ron and I couldn't think of how to get him around to being interested in Harry in the time allotted. Another idea involved both Neville and Harry being interested in Ron and then ending up making do with each other. I had a look at my site and found a few other stories where everyone is in love with Ron.

Do you think I could be the one with the crush?

I wonder what OotP would look like if it were written from Ron's POV. It seemed to me that he was living in his own school story that year: boy works hard, boy gets on Quidditch team, boy fails miserably in face of taunting from his chief rival, boy bucks up and wins the Big Game, boy gets attacked by flying brains.

I was SO disappointed when Harry and Hermione missed Ron's triumph. It seemed so cruel of JKR to do that to Ron. Even when Ron's the hero, he's sidelined.

I found another WIP about Percy that I must have started about a year ago. It's a sad little piece where Percy is living a sad little life in a sad little bedsit. The problem was that I didn't have an actual plot and since no one was having any sex, it kind of dwindled.

Muggle money wasn't too hard, though. Quite sensible, really. Percy thought he'd write a proposal for Mr Fudge, suggesting that wizard currency be decimalized.

Ah, Percy. Would you feel better if you got molested by Snape some more? I promise Snape won't be in love with Ron.

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