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So I was going to write this post about how I was such a sucky fangirl because I couldn't find my Klingon-English dictionary. And how there are Latin dictionaries and Greek dictionaries and French dictionaries and various grammars and The Latin Sexual Vocabulary all within arm's reach, but no Klingon.

But then I found the Klingon dictionary in a stack on the other side of the room. (And The Fate of the Phoenix, oh my god. Which has a bookmark in it that's got URLs for online resources for Sappho.)

Do you remember how in Buffy S6 there was that episode where Buffy broke into the Untouchable Trio's lair and took a bunch of papers? Then Willow and Tara worked on them and said they could translate all of them except one, which was written in a demon language that they didn't know.

And then Xander took one look at it and said, "It's Klingon. It's love poetry."

*sigh* That moment brings tears to my eyes. We learn that Xander is such a lovely, lovely fanboy that he doesn't just recognize Klingon, which I think I could do, but he can read it right off -- and I doubt it was Romanized.

Also we know that Andrew was writing love poetry to Warren.

Oh, so much heartbreak.

I always thought Xander should have had more of an opportunity to be a geek. I really fell in love with him when I learned he was a Babylon 5 fan. I wish he'd actually met up with the Trio and that they'd tried to recruit him, or befriend him as a way in to Buffy. Surely he ran into them at the comic shop!

Which reminds me that I still haven't read the latest issue of Joss's X-book. Bye!

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