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Misc rambling.

Two new Prince of Tennis subs in two days! I'm going to get entirely unrealistic expectations on how fast new subs will drop. *pokes Bittorrent* Faster, dammit!


I don't generally worry about it when people leave flame-y comments on my fic -- I just laugh and leave them up. But yesterday I had to delete all the comments on one page on my website and lock it because people were flaming each other over slash and religion, etc, etc. There's something about mild Merry/Pippin that seems to rile people up much more than any NC17 HP non-con can. (Have I written any HP non-con? I'm not sure.)



I am endeavouring to finish Stargate S6 this week so I'm all ready for S8. (Assuming torrents of the eps will be up in a timely fashion.) But it's been difficult because the Boy has commandeered the TV so that he can watch Stargate. He got through 2.5 seasons in just over a week! He keeps asking me if he should be suspending his disbelief over some of the more creative plot points. *g* So Monday, I ended up watching three eps on my iMac. (Which actually is better than our TV, so I might keep doing that. I just need a more comfortable chair.) We kept running back and forth to tell each other stuff. "OMG, a guy is flirting with Sam! He's going to die!" "It's Thor! Didn't I tell you he's in love with Jack?"

We're going to finally get to try the Stargate d20 game this summer, so he thought he'd better be up on the series for that.


Listened to Johnny Cash at work today for the first time in a while. God, it doesn't really help me concentrate on my work because I keep tearing up! I listened to The Man Comes Around, which is still such a shocking album to me. Every song is a revelation. And Solitary Man. And then I went out for beer.


Did the Interests meme but everything on the list was stuff I actually am already interested in, just don't have listed in my profile. Except for sleeping. Sleeping is boring and wastes time that could be used to get things done.


Come on, file, download!

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