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Spoilers, natch. 8x01, 8x02

Whee! That was fun. I made a number of comments aloud whilst watching. I think most of them had to do with who I thought should be sleeping with whom.

* Daniel and Elizabeth should definitely sleep together. They had great rapport.

* And just how do you suppose Sam and Teal'c passed those ten days in hyperspace, hmm? They were so cute and smiley together! Shagadelic, baby.

* Of course, it must have been disappointing for the First Prime of Yu to come all the way to Earth and miss seeing his boyfriend Teal'c. (They were *so* doing it in last year's premiere.)

* Elizabeth and that Goa'uld who stayed behind, for sure. All that talk about being helpless and needing sanctuary? Just a line to get into her pants.

* Well, Jack and Thor obviously. And Jack and Daniel, obviously. And Daniel and Teal'c, obviously. And Jack and Sam, obviously. Who did I miss? Oh! And Daniel and Sam, obviously. Jack and Teal'c -- not so much with the sex, but they should hang out a lot.

* Sam and Replicator!Sam should of course get it on, if only in a dream sequence. Hey, maybe it could be *my* dream sequence tonight!

I suppose I should have deeper thoughts than this, but I'm surprisingly shallow.

Yay for:

* promotions!

* the First Prime of Yu! (He's just so cute.)

* Thor and Teal'c team-up -- they should totally have a buddy show

* Bittorrent

Lessons learned:

* Sam -- slutting around having brain sex with every alien who comes along can come back to bite you in the ass

* Jack -- neglecting your Asgard boyfriend will result in attempts to make you jealous

* Teal'c -- not shaving your head saves valuable time in the morning that can be used to eat doughnuts

* Daniel -- smart girls are really hot


* Sam expressing glee over learning yet another way to destroy an entire sun.

You know, I really felt like we were back to what made this show fun in the first place. I hope they can keep that up.

And now off to read all of your insightful comments.

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