Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Harry Potter and the Unattributed Fanfic

So, people are annoying. Someone is maintaining an HP site that includes many archived stories -- all het or femslash, I believe -- that are not attributed to their authors. Note that the site owner does not claim to have written these stories.

What a pain. One of my stories is up there. I'm not outraged, I'm just ticked off that now I have to take notice of this and it's sure to be a bother.

Ah well. I actually do have an open archiving policy. People can archive my stories at will without asking me. I just prefer that my name stays on my work. *g*

ETA: You know, looking around that site a little more, I wonder if it's just there to drive traffic to snitchfiction.net (deliberately not hyperlinked) which claims to have the best resources on:

  • Fiction
  • Fiction writing
  • Deep throat
  • Writing

Ah, spammers, how I loathe you. Clueless fans are one thing, but spammers make me want to get out the Unforgivables.

ETA 2: So, I hear that snitchfiction used to be a respectable archive, so maybe this is a clueless fan after all. I guess I'll have to calm down from my spammer rage. *g* But not my "look how much of my morning this wasted" annoyance.

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