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You can call me Hal.

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Cage match

I was going to write a post about Monday Night TV, but while we were watching three episodes of Buffy and one of The X-Files, I was downloading FMA 38 and PoT 122 and I've got to watch them both before bed, so I only have time for this one burning question:

Faith vs SG-1: who's your money on?

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1) How big a cage?

2) Do the astronauts have weapons?

All four at once vs Faith?? My money's on Teal'c. He, at least, will come out okay. *g*

But one on one, Faith is the champ-een in all matches. Winner take all. Including the P-90s and the knives and Daniel's glasses. As a trophy, you understand. Like cutting off an ear.

I think I'm still betting on Faith regardless. But I would so pay money to see this.

Individually? Faith would win against Jack and Daniel, no problem. Sam might be a bit more challenging, but I think Faith would still come out the victor. Teal'c I think would win.

I dunno -- I think Faith would kick Teal'c's ass. *g*

Faith. She is fearless.

(Deleted comment)
I was going to interrupt all this with talk of treton and Junior and such, but then she said, "she could take Jack and Teal'c together" and...who is writing this? Now?

I think maybe you are. :)

I dunno -- I think she'd have a good chance against Jack and Teal'c. Though with advance warning, as you say, it would be quite the fight.

Heh. Daniel would so take Faith with his Super-Nerd Power. (;

Faith destroys nerds with her cleavage of DOOM!

Hah! Daniel has been cleaved-at by better women than Faith!

And besides, Daniel is so oviously gay.

Oh, I'm all for Faith. Teal'c may have a larval god inside him, Sam may have Naquadah (or however it's spelt) floating around, Jack may have the database of the Ancients in his head, and Daniel may have been a Higher Being (tm), but Faith is with the leather and the plum-coloured lipstick and the Chosen'ness. If Sam had been Called, that might be a different story...

Hmm. What about Faith vs Supergirl? Or Faith vs Xena? Or, or, or: Faith on Supergirl - oh, the femslash! Do you remember the movie? I can't decide whether loving the movie and Helen Slater made me more gay, or almost straight. Jeez.

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