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You can call me Hal.

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Mental note: remember the 90s
So I'm home from work early and doing my daily check of all my BT pages to see if I've got anything new to download and there, on suprnova, is the Parker Lewis Can't Lose pilot! Oh my dears, how I've missed this show! I never did get to see it as regularly as I would have liked, but I watched when I could. It's a VHS rip, so it's a little crunchy, but very watchable. Looks like the Digital Archive project is working on this series, so hopefully I'll be able to get more eps. I love how quick this show is, how gadget-y, how very intelligent and funny.

Parker! Mikey! Jerry! Musso! Lemmer! KUBIAC!

And, oh my fuck, Milla. Corin Nemec got to kiss Milla Jovovich. I hate him now.

Soooooooo...if you've been hiding any Parker/Lemmer slash on your hard drive, this would be a good time to get it out and post it.

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And the one where Shelly is seduced by the Darksiders!

Hee! Shelly!

I loved that show! Parker's parents owned a video store!

I'm hoping every ep will appear on BT. We can turn it into a real fandom!

Synchronize Swatches!


Oh, I'm fond of that serie!!!!!!
"Parker Lewis can't lose"
I don't remember very well the title in English...

Corin is very a nice man!!!!
I kissed him too!!!! ^_^

If I had to choose between kissing Corin and kissing Milla, I'd pick Milla. But I'd just as soon kiss both of them. *g*

Well, Milla is a very beautiful woman...
BUT... Corin is a really great guy!
And his smile!!!!^^

In French, it's called "Parker Lewis ne perd jamais". I watched all the episodes when I was in highschool (in France), and then again (but this time in English) when I was in Africa. I so love this show, but I've never found any fanfic... T__T
Do you have some Parker-slash?

No Parker-slash at this juncture, no. Maybe if lots more eps drop and I can't help myself. :)

I loved that show. Despite the title which I thought was a bit to smug, the content just made me go *squee!* -- Supernova huh? I'll have to look and see if I have access.


Re: Yay Parker Lewis!

It's http://suprnova.org -- have a look under torrents for the 16th or just check the TV section. It should be there.

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