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You can call me Hal.

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Stargate drabble: Gods and Monsters
I was looking for something I thought I had written (but turns out I didn't) and I found this instead. Clearly, I had planned to write a bunch of Peeps drabbles for Easter, since there's a second one started where Lucius Malfoy shows a tray of Peeps to Voldemort, but I can't really recall what I planned to have happen with them. Something about how they couldn't destroy the eyes even with magic and so were going to use them to create an impenetrable fortress, I think.

Gods and Monsters

"The people of P3X-794 appear friendly," Teal'c said as children tugged on his hands.

"Here." Daniel held something small and yellow out to them. "It's food." The children cheered but hung back. Some adults began to murmur and point.

"Food?" Sam said. "I don't think Peeps qualify as food."

"Why did you bring those, Daniel?" Jack clutched his P-90 closer. "I don't like them."

Daniel shrugged. "I got an Easter basket." He turned to a small girl. "Food." When she wouldn't take the Peep, he bit its head off. "See?"

There was a collective gasp. Next thing they knew, they were hustled into a large building.

"I think it's a temple of some kind," Daniel said. "And I think there's a spear poking into my back."

A curtain swept back to reveal a large golden statue. Of a Peep.

"Is this some sort of false god?" Teal'c asked.

"The NID must have been here," Sam said.

"Maybourne always did have a sweet tooth," Jack said and fired his gun into the air.

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Oh, far too funny! Peeps rule!



And so typical of SG-1 to gate the planet of Peep worship. Good thing Daniel didn't have a microwave or they would *really* be in trouble.

Daniel is a weirdness magnet. And one time, my co-worker called me a Nazi for microwaving three Peeps together.


Boy, was s/he off base! You're not a Nazi; you just have a threesome kink.

What could be more normal/healthy/hot than that?

Besides, at least they went out with a bang. Beats the hell out of getting their heads bitten off or going stale and getting chucked in the trash can. Given the options, I'd rather be nuked in a state of polyamorous bliss.

/nods enthusiastically

falling down laughing!

oh thank you! peeps rule...er, no pun intended. although some cultures may be predisposed to mallomars? ;)

Re: falling down laughing!

Glad you liked it. :) I wonder if the Ancients had Peeps?

Re: falling down laughing!

that's it, you've just solved the mystery of easter island too: the big giant heads.....they are actually big giant petrified peep heads!


Peeps! *dies* Poor Daniel can get into trouble in the strangest ways.

They should never let him out of Jack's bedroom his office.

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