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I finally thought of something interesting to post about but I'll have no time to respond, so it will have to wait until next week. So, in the meantime...


Is there anything better than shepherd's pie and a pint of stout? Just shepherd's pie and two pints of stout. Cause a bird can't fly on one wing.


At the pub, we played "William Shatner IS..." That's where one person names a movie or TV show and the other person has to say what the William Shatner role is. Cause in every show, there is a Shatner role. He can be any age, no problem there, and any gender if you want. Examples:

Show: New Battlestar Galactica
Answer: William Shatner IS ... Colonel Tigh.

Show: Stargate: SG1
Answer: William Shatner IS ... Harry Maybourne. (That one made me cry, but I couldn't deny it.)


There are a hell of a lot of drabble communities these days. Maybe I should start one about me: hal100 and you can all write drabbles about me every week. Because I am so very interesting. This week's challenge: grease.


The Viz reprint of Vol 1 of Prince of Tennis finally arrived, so I have Vol 1 & 2. The Boy read them and he said if I didn't want to read any more, he'd keep picking them up just for himself. My real life is just as fannish as my fannish life, you see. As soon as I fix his computer, I'll get him onto the anime. I'll let you know if he starts shipping anyone.


I like cheese.
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