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The first of many exciting Farscape updates as I attempt to become a fan!

So, I sat down to watch the pilot. La la la, there's that guy I know is on the show, now we just have to get him off in space for the story to start. Hmm, there's his boring friend, it won't be much longer now, I'm sure, and there's his dad and OH MY GOD IT'S TROY! Fucking Captain Troy, stayed on Earth, had a kid and why did no one tell me this was a Galactica 1980 spin-off? So first we had Apollo and then his kid was Boxy aka Troy and now we've got Troy's kid John. Apollo the Third. I'm twitchy already.

OK, off in space now and there's the wormhole and Apollo III is pulled off into the Delta Quadrant. Yikes, Cylons everywhere! And now Darth Blackadder is after him for killing Darth Baldrick! But finally there are proper aliens. Cool ones. A kickass rope-headed lion guy and a meltingly hot blue woman and a sort of squashed sea monkey. Oh, and there's Starbuck only she's a Cylon but she's hella hot so who cares. They're all in this Vorlon ship and some sort of hologram is driving.


OK, I've stuck with it for 14 episodes now and I think it should be fine from here on out. Some of the early episodes were painful, but it's getting a lot better. And I like most of the charcters a lot.

D'Argo of the unnecessary apostrophe is my favourite. He's very attractive and cranky. It only took about three episodes for me to realise that he and Aeryn are meant to be together.

Zhaan is so creepy and blue and hot and bald and she has The Voice. When are she and Aeryn going to get it on?

Rygel is clearly the most sensible person on board. I love him so.

Aeryn is, well, if you've seen the show, you know. She's Aeryn. I love it when she gets frustrated. And when she beats people up.

John Crichton aka Apollo III is just plain annoying, I have to say. They act like he's Arthur Dent but he acquits himself like he's Dylan Hunt. He should be made to have some flaws. And to stop tricking me into thinking he looks like Daniel Jackson sometimes.

Further updates as events warrant.

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