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Some things I watched.

I saw this on the weekend and wanted to turn around and see it again right away. This is a beautiful film -- well worth your time. The cast is fantastic: Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi. I really, really loved seeing Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung playing opposite each other. (I think it must be time to watch In the Mood for Love again. I heard Cheung's role got pretty much cut out of 2046 though.)

The fighting was mostly fabulous, but I thought some of the wire work looked off. And I sort of wanted to see either a lot more wire work or none at all. But the archery was my favourite part of the film. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.

From what I could find out, this was the same (or nearly so) as the Chinese theatrical cut. There's an import DVD with English subs that I'd like to get hold of now. It's got a near two hour cut.

Being From Another Planet
This is the MST3K we watched last night. A 3000 year old mummy turns out to be an alien. Who could have predicted that amazing plot twist? Except that it seems to be indicated in the title. It was surprisingly watchable, actually. Especially all the people who died from creeping space fungus. We kept waiting for Daniel Jackson to show up, but he never did.

Forrester and Frank made some Tragic Moments figurines, which I would have bought in a heartbeat. Joel spent a lot of time going on about Bill Mumy, which made me giggle since lo! these many years ago, I wrote a tiny bit of fic about Joel and Lennier: Lost In Space.

I have finished S1 and will continue onto S2 at the weekend. It got a lot better in the last third or so. And there were the most shippy Aeryn/D'Argo moments! You can't tell me they're not meant for each other. If I have the energy, I'll try to do a proper roundup at the weekend.

I keep forgetting to post about the latest eps. But really, last week I wasn't too thrilled with SG-1. Way to maintain the status quo! It reminded me of the time, oh, 12 years ago or so when Harry Osbourne was in one of his insane phases and was threatening to reveal Spider-Man's identity. They built it up and built it up and then, of course, wimped out in the end. I was so ticked off, it turned me off comics for a long time. (Well, that and all the stupid special covers and crossovers.)

And while I'm enjoying Atlantis a lot, that's basically because of Rodney. (And, damn, he was cute last week.) Every week is the same: go to planet, meet new culture who has some way of dealing with the Wraith threat that the Atlaneans find morally objectionable, spend a bit of time taking the high ground, argue with Weir a bit, end with things not very resolved.

The Office
Gareth is my favourite. If you know me, I'm sure you're not surprised.

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