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My thoughts about things.

Today I filtered out my FMA communities because I am terrified of being spoiled before the end. (Just five more eps to go.) And it struck me just how revisionist LJ can be. Now, when I look at my friends page, it's like they were never there. And if I add someone, to all appearances, they were always there. It's kind of freaky.

Is it just me or is Ron/Draco the best hate pairing ever? I don't think Harry cares enough about Draco to hate him. But Ron, oh, Ron cares very much.

In other news, I spent the day working on my computer, working on the Boy's computer, and watching hockey at the pub. Go Canada!

The Boy's computer must be fixed because right now he cannot play AVIs and if he cannot play AVIs, he cannot watch Prince of Tennis, which he is keen to do. I swear I didn't pimp him into this -- I got him to pick up the Viz manga translation for me and he read the first two volumes and thought they were great. So.

Vol 3 came in yesterday. Very enjoyable. There were little profiles of Ryoma and Momo. Momo's said one of his hobbies was sensory games. I'm trying to think what that could be, besides the obvious, which it can't possibly be. Hmm... I've also beeing picking up the Viz Narutos and the ad for PoT 1 & 2 which says Can Ryoma tame the "snake"? makes me laugh every fucking time.

John Crichton is the most annoying ass in the universe. Next to him, Mulder looks appealing. Aeryn/D'Argo OTP!

Maybe I'm just cranky without my Rodney this week.

I thought vaguely about writing some Mugen/Jin slash but then decided there was no point -- I like them het and that's all there is to it. Jin is a romantic and Mugen is a horndog and I love love love it, but I just want to see them with women. Which is not to say I don't love their "waiting to kill each other" bond. But for me, that's enough.

And that's enough random blather. Hopefully, I'll have some actual content here soon.

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