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50 000 words and then some.

I'm supposed to be writing porn, but my brain is gone, so instead you get a self-indulgent icon meme. Yay.

Keywords: hal

My very first LJ icon ever. It's Meant to be Ironic. It's usually my default.

Keywords: 8-ball

I have an interesting relationship with my Magic 8-Ball. While I was brought up strongly Christian, I am now an atheist. But it's hard to shake the conditioning of youth and there are times (thankfully, much less frequent) when I find myself automatically saying a prayer. So, to get over that, I say my prayers to the Magic 8-Ball instead. This has helped a lot in getting me away from the prayer habit, but it has also made the 8-Ball into a figure of spiritual authority for me. Also, I like Emily Strange.

Keywords: darcy

Made for me by lapislaz after I posted about watching Pride and Prejudice and then Bedrooms and Hallways which has a little Pride and Prejudice dream sequence with Mr Darcy whipping stable boys. And you know he would. Mmmm.

Keywords: bob+dave

Bob and Dave from Knights of the Dinner Table, a gaming comic I read. Good for gaming posts and comments. After reading a sequence where Bob is rolling badly and Dave offers to let Bob use his dice, I began to ship them. I think Dave is in love with Bob but doesn't know it. I think Bob would be horrified to find out. Ah, how sweet. :)

Keywords: jayne

Jayne Cobb. 'nuff said.

Keywords: edmund

laurashapiro made this for me. We both lust Series 2 Edmund. He's so goddamned hot. And his sarcasm makes me weak in the knees.

Keywords: luscious

Lucius Malfoy. So pretty. The Latin tag means let them hate, so long as they fear. (I note, though, that I seem to have switched out all of my Hook icons. *sniff*)

Keywords: dogbert

St Dogbert. For use when things are stupid.

Keywords: jonas

Jonas Quinn is my second fave SG-1 character of all time. I find him deliciously lickable. What a sweetie!

Keywords: Jack/Thor

True love. None can deny it.

Keywords: skinner

I realised one day that I didn't have a Skinner icon. So I got one. You probably have to be a fan to realise it's him though. I cropped it like this to emphasize that I was objectifying his gorgeous chest and crisp white shirt.

Keywords: snape

Goddamn. I made this icon when I was trying to write my Snape/Lupin story in January. I was writing from Snape's POV and he was fighting me all the way. I had to capitulate and write a different story from Lupin's POV. So, this was my way of publically acknowledging that. One of these days, I'll become the master, though.

Keywords: starkiller

I love my dear Sam, but she's fucking dangerous. How many stars has she wrecked now? At least two. And she was waaaaaaay too interested in Thor's black hole machine. This caption is also a B5 ref.

Keywords: mulder

An early icon made for multi_pass. I had to use The GIMP and Graphic Converter since I didn't have Photoshop yet. My fave thing about this one is how I cropped it at 100x67 and then stretched it to 100x100. And it's useful to have a Mulder icon, even now.

holding hands
Keywords: holding hands

Ron and Hermione from PoA. Seeing this in the trailer made my shippy little heart go ker-thump. I'm also really happy with the way I cropped this one, and the colour adjustments I made. I spent a lot of time staring at it after I first made it.

Keywords: ed

After I watched the first ep of FMA, I was already hooked. I was browsing someone's flist and saw an Ed icon and I thought: That's my show! I made this to use when posting on HP threads to try to flush out other FMA fans. And it worked.

Keywords: ickle

I just love love love Ron. And I love his goofy look here. Both he and Draco had Silly Hats in PoA.

Keywords: hughesxroy

Hughes and Roy from FMA 25. My FMA OTP. There's something about the way Hughes is so devoted to Roy. *sigh* And, yes, my song for them is Ring of Fire.

Keywords: roy

I love Roy. Roy is on my desktop at home. Roy is on my desktop at work. Roy is on my keychain. Roy is on my icons. Roy is god. I love how he inspires loyalty in his subordinates. I also really like what I did with the text and border on this one.

winged monkeys
Keywords: winged monkeys

One day, I decided that I needed some winged monkeys. So I got some. They come in handy when I need someone to do my bidding.

Keywords: hughes

Even though I'm obssesed with Roy, Hughes is still my FMA boyfriend. He's just ... perfect. Lovely. Sweet. Boisterous. Manly. Darling.

Keywords: angel

I re-read Snow Crash this year and was, as before, impressed by Raven's Poor Impulse Control tattoo. I figured I needed an icon and started to wonder who I knew who had poor impulse control. I didn't have to wonder very long.

Keywords: rum

I think I thought this would be funnier than it was. But hobbitses are always cute.

Keywords: 1x2

I don't exactly ship Heero and Duo, but they are damned fun to write. This is to use when I do. I made this from a screencap, but I shopped them closer together.

Keywords: trio

My three-some shipping is movie-only, but how sweet it was! I figure Harry and Ron are groping each other behind Hermione.

Keywords: leeloo

Made formulti_pass. In my opinion, Milla is the most beautiful woman alive.

Keywords: rain

Roy in an emotional moment. Did I mention how much I love Roy?

Keywords: jack

Ah, Jack. I made this when that whole "muted tones" thing was all the rage in icons. I love the cropping. And Jack is just so beautiful.

Keywords: wesley

This is really all about my plans fantasy of Wes as the new DADA professor at Hogwarts and me as the brilliant seventh year who wins his heart. Plus he's so pretty.

Keywords: harry

Harry Maybourne is my number one forever favourite-est Stargate character. I find him very attractive, especially with the facial hair. And he's so in love with Jack. When I put this icon in, I used the same keyword as an old HP icon, so Harry is now sprinkled throughout many old HP posts.

Keywords: daniel

I like Daniel, but mostly I made this because I wanted to mess around with colouring b&w photos. Also it's meant to be an ironic commentary on the fannish fascination with the colour of Daniel's eyes, but I'm not sure that comes through. *g*

Keywords: teal'c

Teal'c is The Sex. And he knows it.

Keywords: sasuke

I never seem to post about Naruto, but I am watching it. Sasuke is just, well, cool.

Keywords: paul

Ah, pookie! I wanted a Paul icon and the pouty face in this cap was irresistable.

Keywords: tezuryo

Tezuka/Ryoma: my first Prince of Tennis ship. *sigh*

Keywords: inukai

Inui/Kaidoh: my second Prince of Tennis ship. Which I can't seem to stop writing sap about. Oy. When I saw this frame, I knew I had to cap it.

Keywords: nanjirouxmomo

Uh...my not-so-sekrit Evil Bad Wrong Crack Shota PoT ship. It all started when they were showing off their manly physiques to each other and then progressed from there. I keep hoping and hoping for more interaction between Momo and Nanjiroh, but so far, no luck.

Keywords: sirius

When Sirius said this line in the movie, I felt my heart rip in two. Well done.

Keywords: momokai

Momoshiro/Kaidoh: my "when-Inui-isn't-looking" PoT ship. Oh, I loved their interaction in these eps. Sweet boys.

Keywords: inui

Matrix!Inui. Inspired by his Rikkai match.

Keywords: frank

He suffers that we may be free.

pocky - art by xsmoonshine
Keywords: pocky - art by xsmoonshine

One day I said that if I could draw, I would draw Ron and Draco eating Pocky. And then xsmoonshine drew some for me! It's the cutest thing ever.

Keywords: shino

Of everyone in Naruto, Shino is my favourite underage crush. He's soooooooo creepy. Those are bugs on his face.

Keywords: kaidoh

I am, perhaps, a bit ... focused on Kaidoh's bare ankles. But it's so sexy!

Keywords: mckay


Keywords: greed

Oh, Greed. I love you. More I cannot say because that would be spoilery. But I love your self-indulgent nature and your scary teeth and your charming fur ruff.

Keywords: jin
Keywords: mugen

From Samurai Champloo. I love Jin and Mugen both so much. I wanted to make one icon with both of them, split-screen, but there's just not enough space in 100 pixels. So I settled for a matched set. I was pleased with how the colouring effect turned out.

Keywords: aeryn

In the pilot, there's a moment where Aeryn asks someone -- Crichton, probably -- who is he to order her around and I remembered this line from Peter Pan.

tezuryo silence
Keywords: tezuryo silence

I made this from a cap from the Hyotei match and then shopped the background to blur the crowd and add in the sun. When I can put into words what this icon says to me about Tezuka and Ryoma, then I'll be ready to write some TezuRyo.

Damn, fifty slots is nowhere near enough. How about a hundred?
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