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I've been waiting and waiting until kestrelsan put this up so I could rec it:

A Sword, a Horse, a Shield

The sky was still grey with snow as they stepped off the train, shivering their way into the cold, an extra coat dropped over Harry's shoulders. Sirius trotted ahead, his black coat spotted white, until he was a smudge, a dark patch on the snowy landscape. Remus watched him as he and Harry lagged behind, hoods raised against the snow.

I always love Kest's touch with language -- she builds up a picture so effortlessly, you don't notice until it's formed around you and you feel the snowflakes against your face.

Remus and Sirius, in the bleak midwinter. Go, read.

And from the "Blog This" files:

Article by Malcolm Gladwell on job interviews and first impressions. Apparently, everyone relies far more on snap judgements than we thought.

I found this disturbing. I should pay more attention to people's first impressions of me.

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