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You can call me Hal.

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FMA 47

No Roy in this ep. At least he didn't die. Just four more eps, Roy! Looking good!

Oh, Lust. Oh. *sigh*

My heart was torn out of my chest by this ep. Al -- poor Al. Even though he knows Sloth is not his mother, he still can't help reacting to her. And the guilt! He feels responsible for her, so he wants to find a way to make things right for her. Ed feels responsible for her, so he wants to kill her, to fix his mistake. Oh, my dear, dear boys, will you come out this with your own relationship intact?

And poor Wrath. Oh, when he said that he was going to steal everything of Ed's! They're all searching, all wanting something they've lost or something they've never had.

I must do some more thinking about families in FMA. But not now, because I stayed up til 1 AM to d/l and watch this.


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Yeah. Man. That first bit with Wrath -- wow, man, suddenly I was feeling for the little psycho. And then when his need to be with Sloth made her vulnerable, man, what a kick to the head.

And Lust...ow. I had a feeling, because I was starting to like her too much. But that didn't make it any easier. *wibble*

All the flashbacks made me sniffly, too.

Poor Ed. Poor Al. Poor everybody. I'm just going to wibble and panic, I think.

'm just going to wibble and panic, I think.

I am so there. We need a support group.

(Deleted comment)
Maybe I'm hormonal, but when Wrath came back to himself and cried out, "Mama!" I burst into tears.

I didn't actually lose it, but it affected me much the same way. The poor boy! It's not his fault he's a soulless monster.

This series is so brilliant, so damn well done that I don't know how I'll bear it when it's over.

If we lived nearer each other, I'd suggest we watch the whole thing in one long marathon and get drunk together over it. That might help us cope.

No Roy.

So few episodes left and they dare to do one without Roy?

No Roy?

(channeling Jack Sparrow) Why is the Roy gone?

You know what? As much as it's All About Roy for me, I didn't even notice he was gone until the ep was over. That's how intense it was.

I can´t tell you yet as I haven´t been able to watch it yet (but I will tomorrow, yay), I´ve only been given a throughly summary and transcription, but one thing I can say: the screewriters are on crack (and I´m not even comparing the anime to the manga because it´s not fair and I love my two babies).

I´m not saying you can´t have a good ep without Roy. Of course you can. But we have such so few time left that... I feel a Roy-less ep at this point is almost cruel. I felt a bit betrayed.

(but probably I´m gonna love the ep anyway, just like I loved the 46 before this one)

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