Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

On Tezuka

How old is Tezuka? According to this site he's 14 and that works pretty well for, uh, something I may or may not be working on. Is there any canon evidence that he's 15?

I find Tezuka somewhat troublesome to write and somewhat boring to watch and this is why: Tezuka is Aragorn. Book!Aragorn, not Movie!Aragorn. (Except that even Book!Aragorn has a sense of humour.) He's a paragon whose character development is all over and done with before the canon starts. So, while he's probably a great guy to have around if you're facing Hyotei or a bunch of orcs, he's not really that interesting. Nothing fazes him, nothing affects him, nothing makes him react.

Except Ryoma.

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