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You can call me Hal.

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Most memes are stupid, but this one is cool.

International Recommend-A-Movie Day. This means everyone should go to their LJ right now and tell their friends to watch a really good movie which most of them probably have not seen. And then tell more people to do it. Hopefully, we'll all have lots and lots of recommendations by the end of the day.

If you can find it, I recommend seeing Budbringeren (Junk Mail), a Norwegian film about a loser postman. In fact, everyone in this movie is a loser, but Roy, the protagonist, is a sort of loser's loser. You won't want to hug him, but he is rather fascinating as he snoops around in other people's apartments and dumps mail he doesn't want to deliver. And stuff happens. The film is a little dark and a little twisted and very funny.

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Hey, it's fate. I was just thinking about Jonas, and there you go with an icon of him, not five minutes later. Hee. Lovebug.

Okay, so that had nothing to do with your post. Sorry *g*.

Not fate! The reason I picked Jonas was because you posted about him so he was on my mind. I suppose I should have commented on your entry and said "OMG Jonas!!!!!!11!" but I was short on time before work. *g*

i know i have seen it on tv, but i cannot remember all the details, it did remind me of kaurismäki.
you might like "the norderlingen", danish movie, with a snooping postman but also including virgin-sightings, butchers digging holes to trap cyclists, and the depths of suburbia's inhabitant's souls.

Hi! I've been watching your journal for ages and ages. Just got one myself, so I friended you; hope you don't mind. I'm here for the occasional Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings stuff.

And the movie I recommend: Deathtrap, with Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve. I think it was a play first… Anyway, my family and I love it. Go watch if you haven’t seen it.

Welcome aboard. :) It's totally fine to friend me. And if I get boring, it's fine to drop me again -- I don't mind.

And thanks for the rec!

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