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wakachika wakachika wakachika

I spent the evening with the Boy, eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching DVDs of Charlie's Angels and Starsky and Hutch. Does life get any better?

In one of the CA eps, Dirk Benedict was playing a skeezy gigalo! And the Angels had some very, very bad accents. Cheryl Ladd sounded like the Swedish Chef. Bosley got hit over the head with a two-by-four, so that was funny. Sabrina, of course, did not have a funny accent. She got to do dangerous things on ropes and did not get hit over the head. She's my girlfriend.

I saw the S&H pilot for the first time. (I have all the other eps on tape from a few years back, but they didn't air the pilot.) It was excellent! No wonder the show got picked up. And the boys were slashy from the very moment Starsky goes into the gym to find Hutch. He offers to share his coffee and danish with Hutch. "Do I ever?" Hutch says. "No," says Starsky, "but I keep hoping."


And the T&A, so to speak! First off, there's a Hutch shower scene. Then later, we got to see them be-toweled in a steam bath. Then, as though that weren't enough, there's another towel scene in a laundry room as they dry their clothes after being drenched to the skin.

Not to mention all the tongue kissing.

At the end of every ep, I bow before Aaron Spelling. Or at least before his credit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Some say an army of cavalry, or of infantry,
or a fleet of ships
is the most beautiful thing on the black earth.
But I say it is Starsky's ass.

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