Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

It's Stargate Saturday.

Stargate: SG-1 - Endgame

Heh. Cool episode. Stuff I liked:

* Jedi!Teal'c. Why does sticking your hands in your sleeves like that make you look wise and tranquil? Maybe I should try that.

* Evil!Daniel. What he did to Walter and Walter's coffee buddy was so cruel. And then needling Jack later. I was disappointed he didn't break the scientist's fingers, though.

* Sexy!Sam. Leather and tits. There's no bad here.

* Sam&Daniel and the jeans and guns and captured together and and and. Pleeeeeeeeeeease have sex soon. I'm sure Pete would understand.

* Insane amounts of Jaffa dead. Like millions. Hey, I like the Jaffa. But they're the redshirts of Stargate so I enjoy it in a twisted way when that's really pointed up. Nobody seemed to have a reaction that was even vaguely appropriate to the amount of death. Cause, hey, redshirts.

* Jack's look at the very end of the episode. He loves them all so very, very much.

Stargate: Rodney -- The Storm

I'm not much for episodes about weather, but there was a lot to love here.

* Rodney.

* Rodney and Zelenka.

* Rodney and Zelenka dressed as twinses.

* Rodney and Zelenka and the plan to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity they need.

* Rodney and Zelenka repeatedly pushing in front of each other as they're briefing Weir.

* Carson. Cute as a bug, he is, with his poor worried face.

* Rodney snapping like a twig after getting cut once with a knife. Because he would. So would I. *hugs Rodney*

* The bad guy was pretty cool, I guess.

But what was that comment from Shep about theories and dinosaurs and relativity all about? I couldn't really figure out his point. Does it have something to do with the thing I read on Slashdot in the summer about a possible challenge to general relativity?

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