Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

It lets me pretend I'm back at school or something.

It's autumn so I'm allowed to sign up for fic challenges again. Though I must say the summer was very relaxing without any deadlines. So far, I've been hooked by two:

Gundam Wing Back-to-School Smutathon. Stories must be school or university themed in some way. Due Nov 15.
This is one of those where you get a request from someone else, so I can't really share what my assignment was. But I think I'll enjoy it. I remember that I asked for fic about the school play, but I can't quite recall the pairings I listed. 13x6x13 and/or 2x5x2, I'm pretty sure, and maybe 1x2x1 as well.

Harry/Ron FQF. Due Nov 1.
I thought I'd go look over the challenges on offer. And then I saw this one: Harry, Ron, and some tea. That was completely irresistable! The only problem is that I might not be able to stop at one story with that premise. (That and Ron is straight. Hmm.)

That's the kind of challenge that I like -- more like a flavouring. Something to get your mind working, not an elaborate dictated plot.

I also really love pairing challenges and I haven't seen any of those float by for a long, long time. I enjoy taking two near-random characters and digging down into what might draw them together. Maybe that's why I spent a lot of time writing weird pairings in the past. (Do I still do that? I think I've lost perspective on what constitutes a weird pairing.)

If you like challenges, what kind works best for you?
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