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You can call me Hal.

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PSA: Death Note
I have a jillion comments to answer. I will get to them as soon as I'm done reading Death Note 34. And hey, I finally have a Raito icon.

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34 to 38 are really good, even if just for Raito's character development.

Oh, cool! I haven't read any of the translations -- I just wait for the scanlations to drop. The mind games are really starting!

I, er, really roughly edited RAWS because I was too impatient to wait and flipping between scans and a translation loses a lot. If you want, and don't mind that the editing really is quite rough, I can put them up for you.

I appreciate that, but I'm fine to wait. I love DN a lot, but I'm not frantic about it. (Got FMA for that, at least for another couple of weeks. *twitch*)

It's such an unusual series! I love Raito so much. His brain is not like other people's brains. And L is a freak. He looks like a scary clown. (Though I guess "scary clown" is redundant.)

I haven't as yet felt any need to read or write fic, or even look at fanart for DN. I think that's because the story is so engaging. There isn't anything that I want expanded on.

there must not be enough doom in my life....

If you were going to try to pimp somebody into Death Note, say in 200 words or fewer, what would you say?

Re: there must not be enough doom in my life....

What if you had the power to kill anyone you wanted to and nobody would ever know it was you? Wouldn't you want to make the world a better place? But what if somebody was trying to stop you?

Death Note is all about the mind games. It's manga, so there's not a huge download commitment. It's cool and it's fucked up and you should just give it a try.

I've kind of lost track of where you can get earlier issues, so I'm uploading 1-20 in packs of 5 here:


I won't have them up there forever, but I'll leave them a few days at least. I can put up the rest of the issues I've got later on.

Re: there must not be enough doom in my life....

Neat. Consider me sold.


Re: there must not be enough doom in my life....

You could come to my LJ in which I have a brief summary up of the very beginning, for pimping purposes, with pictures.

I am so excited with where this seems to be going ... at first I was like "WAH" and now I am like "OOOOO". Plot twists yay!

Very much so! I'm so taken with Raito because of his deviousness. I honestly think he's smarter than L.

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