Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

PoT 130

AO's sub of PoT 130 is up.

I thought it was only FMA that could make me gasp and stop the video and stare at the screen in shock with my mouth hanging open.

Tezuka laughed!

It was three minutes before I could start watching again. Seriously.

And since I'm already posting about the episode, could there be one time, just one time when it's not Kaidoh who's tormented and laughed at? Bah. Must fix.

Kaidoh in Germany

One day, Kaidoh was wandering around alone in Germany because he got separated from the others when he stopped to splint the broken wing of a baby bird. Suddenly, he met Dr Tenma who was also wandering around alone in Germany, but not because he had any personal problems or anything, because everything was fine with his life now, but just because he liked to wander around and do good deeds.

Coincidentally, Dr Tenma had just splinted a broken leg, but on a person instead of a bird. Kaidoh and Dr Tenma had lunch together and talked to each other very politely. Nothing bad happened to either of them.

Then Dr Tenma helped Kaidoh find his way back. Everyone had been so worried about Kaidoh that they all bought him nice presents, even Momoshiro. Inui gave Kaidoh a significant look which meant something for later, but he would never embarrass Kaidoh in public.

When Kaidoh grew up, he became a veterinarian.

The end.

Ah, now I feel better.
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