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You can call me Hal.

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To do: talk like a pirate
On the first day of every month, iCal pops up to remind me of stuff that I've forgotten. I get annoyed and close it up and never really look at what's on there. Today I did.

I have a to-do list. Some of the things on there, I finished months ago. Some I decided not to do after all. But there is one item that perplexes me. It just says:


I have no idea what that was meant to remind me of. Maybe I was going to write a PotC story? Or make some new Hook icons? Download some music? Seize control of a ferry?

If you had "Arr!" on your to-do list, what would that mean you had to do?

(Sadly, I have no pirate icons left; I guess Mugen is the next best thing.)

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Did you remember to talk like a Pirate on September 19th aka ITLAPD?

If it wasn't that, I think it was meant to remind you that Ug with large stone is sneaking up behind you right at this very minute.


I'm guessing that you might have been trying to remind yourself of Talk Like a Pirate Day, which was Sept. 19th. Maybe? Arr!

Only I'm sure this item was from May or even earlier! I rarely plan anything that far ahead. *g*

(Deleted comment)
Hee! I love the keyboard.

It would remind me to smile, seeing as "Smile when you say 'Arr'!" is the punchline of a joke no one I know can remember anymore. This does not stop it being used quite frequently in my circle of rl friends.

I tried to google it, but to no avail. I will have to live with my curiosity. :)

Err... (no pun intended. Well, Ok, maybe a tiny one.) Let there be Manga, perhaps? http://abildsoe.com/manga/

Unless, of course, you're into counting tortilla. http://www.arr-tech.com/index.php

I'm sorry. Google and I are having a ball with this. And I obviously don't feel like working. Tell me, is it 5 yet?

Oh my god, that's hysterical!

Talk like a pirate? Walk like a pirate? Write a POTC story?

Buy a parrot?

I'd be scared the parrot was smarter than me.

I would assume my past-self was communicating with my future-self, merely saying Aaaaaar because Aaaaar is a cool thing to say.

But I'm strange.

Hmm, so maybe I was just reminding myself to be cool.

Today was the day that the trans-dimensional warp field was open into Neverland. I waited for you there for *hours*. Now it won't open again for another 3.476 billion years. I hope you're happy!

You are a freak. A freak!

if i wrote "arr" it would be an abreviation for something super-important, like "arrival of soul-mate" or "arrange for court martial" ... or maybe the dream of a life-time i thought i would remember and only had to note down the first association "arr" down and then of course i forgot and it will remain forgottone for ever and ever ...

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