Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Conversations with the Boy

Hal: Did we really once see a DS9 episode where they played baseball against Vulcans or did I dream that?

Boy: Yes, that really happened.

Hal: It seems so unlikely.


Boy: Tezuka is too perfect. He's boring.

Hal: Well, I got some insight on him recently that helped me to understand him better.

Boy: He got left back in grade 9 for twenty years?


Churchgoing Boy: So, I'm in charge of adult Sunday School again.

Atheist Hal: What are you going to do?

Boy: Something about denominational differences. Hmm, I could trick people into saying they think there were no Christians before the Reformation and then watch them sweat.

Hal: You're not supposed to use your evil Dungeon Master powers for Sunday School!
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