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You can call me Hal.

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Fandom dreams
I dreamt something last night about Prince of Tennis and vampires, but I can't quite make it come clear, more's the pity. I haven't had a lot of tenipuri dreams, but there was the one where Atobe was president of the United States. I recall a profound sense of relief (within the dream) that I am Canadian. (But, you know, I feel that every day.)

I've only had a few HP dreams that I can recall and none too clearly. Many lovely Weasley boys and a Hermione/Neville matchup that was rather sweet.

Buffy was the Dream Fandom for me. It seemed I was always joining the gang for some adventure. Sometimes I was Buffy, but mostly I was me, only I was *cooler* than Buffy. Yeah. Hmm. Usually these dreams contained the awareness that Buffy was a TV show, which was pretty nifty.

One time Xander, Jonathan, and I had been called down to the mall to investigate some supernatural occurrence. But when we got there, nothing was happening. I said to Xander, "I'm getting worried. We're already twenty minutes into the episode and there hasn't been a fight scene yet."

But the best Buffy dream of all was the one where I was helping Jonathan move and we took a break and sat down on a couch together, one at each end with our legs stretched out to tickle each other's toes, and he asked me to beta-read a long Han/Luke slash story he had written. I said yes. But I never got to read it.

I often wonder what it would have been like.

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funnily, my dreams tend to be crossovers. A recurring one is where I'm part of the crew in Star trek TNG. We land on a planet that, for some reason, is Perfection, Nevada - the hamlet from Tremors. So the Enterprise crew has to fight Graboids. Worf always wins. I think the fact that this is a recurring dream is proof that I really, *really* need to get out more.

I've never had a recurring dream -- I wonder why some people do. Yours sounds really cool. :) Go Worf!

President... Atobe.

Oh sweet Cthulhu.

[falls over laughing]

[extended family stares]


I wonder if anyone would look at me funny for making him my write-in?

I don't see where he'd be any worse than GWB, so I say go for it. :)

I'm so excited! Prince of Tennis arrived today! And after you told me it would be a long wait...

Thanks again for sending them! I'm already on Episode Three, and it's so much fun.

Yay! That *was* fast. I suppose it's mostly slow the other way around. Canada Customs seems to take forever.

And, seriously, once you get 25 eps in or so, if you're still enthralled, let me know and I'll send off more eps.

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