Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

These are a few of my favourite things

I -- finally -- saw Chicago tonight. Very enjoyable. The ladies were all hot, but the most fist-bitingly smokin' was Queen Latifah. God, I want to watch her number over and over again.

I'd expected to like this more than I did, though. It felt a little thin somehow. Or maybe it was that I kept thinking of Dancer in the Dark and that brought my mood down.

There was a special treat just for me and I appreciated it very much: five minutes of Lucy Liu right there in the middle of the movie. *sigh*

Which helps me to cleverly segue into...

I've been watching the new Charlie's Angels trailer. Over and over. The cheesecake factor is sky-high. Lucy, Drew. Drew, Lucy. *bites fist again* And if I really saw, like I thought I saw, Drew kissing Crispin Glover, I may well spontaneously combust in the theatre.

The movie looks like it will be a lot of fun. Good fights, goofy costumes, Lucy, Drew.

I actually tried to write some Charlie's Angels slash after the first movie, but gave up when I kept typing "Drew" and "Lucy" instead of "Dylan" and "Alex". But here's the setup:

Drew Dylan and Alex are at the office. Natalie has already left on a date with whosis. For some entirely plausible reason, Dylan wants Lucy Alex to make out with her. So Alex does, just to shut Dylan up so she can go home. But then she likes it, so they keep going at it.

Then Natalie shows back up. The boy had to work, so she's free. She sits down on the couch where Dylan and Alex are making out, and starts watching TV. They continue to make out while Natalie watches some sitcom and makes comments about it. (The sitcom, not the making out.)

I'm sure it would have been brilliant.

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