Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

HP, Halloween, PoT

Today the Boy had to dress up for work (even though Halloween is Sunday and their store is open then) so he went as Hagrid. Apparantly if you take your standard Jedi outfit, including long flowing cloak, leave off the obi and add a bushy wig and beard, you get Hagrid. Perch a stuffed Norbert on your shoulder and Bob's your uncle. Well, if you're a big guy to begin with, which he is.

I did get out my Slytherin scarf today, but I wear that all winter.

Most of you (who care, that is) probably already know that the AO sub of PoT 133 is up. What you may or may not know (I haven't read my flist since early this AM), is that another group, W-Dreamers has put up PoT 129-135, ripped from Hong Kong DVDs, as sort of a stop-gap until AO gets to the next eps.

It's only available as a 6 ep pack, but since I'm an obsessed fangirl living with an obsessed fanboy a very nice person, I have downloaded the pack and put 134 and 135 up on YouSendIt. Links will work for 25 downloads or one week, whichever comes first. Each file is about 220MB.

PoT 134

PoT 135

It looks like the file names got shortened when I uploaded so you might not be able to tell which is which from the file names. Sorry about that.

I watched 134 and it's crunchy but understandable. The image quality seemed fine to watch onscreen. The actual episode wasn't that great, but that's not a fault of the sub. *g*

Sounds like there will be another pack of DVD rips next week, so keep an eye out for those.

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