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You can call me Hal.

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Life with a fanboy.
Last night I crawled into bed and the Boy turned to me in the dark and said, "I have a proposal for a new tournament system to replace Seigaku's flawed ranking tournaments."

It was five minutes before I stopped laughing.

He's so cute, dammit. This is the stuff he obsesses about. He wanted to know if there was somewhere he could go where people would want to discuss this with him. Is there? I'm certainly not on any comms where the focus is not on relationships. "I know fourteen-year-olds have sex," he said. "I just don't want to read about it."

Also, we had one of those "this was homoerotic", "no it wasn't" convos about a couple of PoT episodes the other day. Only he was the one trying to convince me of the basic slashy-ness and I wasn't buying it.

ObPolitical Comment: It has long been my dream for Canada to join the EU. I'm sure the fact that we're not actually in Europe is just a minor detail. Where do we go to apply?

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Considering the EU stretches pretty far, I am inclined to say just write to Bruxelles and ask. XD

Maybe I'll send a postcard. :)

Well, considering that Turkey is a possible candidate, I think it is reasonable to expect that Canada will be granted the same rights. The distance might be longer, but at least you're proper Caucasians who don't carry the stigma of - ew! - Islam.

Make no mistake, it's not all hunky-dory in Europe, either. I give the EU a few years, and then the individual countries will fight to get their independence back.

Oh, I know it's not that great. I just have a fancy.

At this point, I want to join Canada. Any chance a computer software analyst might be acceptable as an immigrant?

I think it's pretty hard to get in right now. There's some good info here;


Well, I'm calmer now. And this is my country, after all. I didn't leave NYC when they knocked down my office, and I'm not leaving now.

If Israel can compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, I'm sure Canada can join the EU.

Hee! Maybe we need to get into the contest first, then use that as leverage.

oh please please please join us! write some registered letter full of big words to some big wigs - get the french to claim canada back from the brits - anything.

nice bf!

I'll get working on it. And the Boy is very nice, it's true. :)

i know people at the canadian embassy here ... and the australians ... not that that would be a lot of help, but still, the eu is all for enlargement *shifty eyes*

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