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You can call me Hal.

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Watching things.
1. The Teaser Trailer. (http://www.worldofepic.net/ep3.mov -- thanks to wickedcherub for the link) Not bad. It even made my heart go ker-thump. And this after I'd felt betrayed by George (Lucas, that is) over the Extra Special My Way Or The Highway Editions. And, you know, all the other stuff. But there it was and even if EpIII turns out to suck beyond all measure, it's still Star Wars. And that's what the trailer is about. Damn you, George, for making me care again!

2. Battlestar Galactica: Bastille Day. He's no Denny Crane. Regardless, the show is so shiny! Shiny and mine, all mine!

3. PoT 136-139 via HK DVD rips. Fun, good fun. But, dammit, why didn't they tell us the fucking room assignments? That's what we really need to know.

4. Bleach 5. (Well, all of Bleach so far, I don't remember ever posting about it.) CHAD!!! That is all.

5. Trogdor the Burninator. Cause that's who I was hoping would be elected.

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No, no, no, it's good that we don't know most of the room assignments, because now we can theorize any assignments that might make for interesting fic.

I guess you're right about that. Hmm. *ponders all possible permutations*

Mwahahaha... followed the Glass Onion link to your lair, I did. *grins* Just wanted to say, love your work, loveyloveylovey. Feel free to drop by my LJ and comment on the evil messes I keep posting up there. >.< Literotica doesn't accept and post submissions fast enough to suit my evil plans. We will conquer the world by fanfic!

AngelShadow / Couer de Noir

BTW: Apologizing now for the hyperactiveness of the post. This is my brain on caffeine and fanfic, any questions?


Hee! Thanks for that. :)

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