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You can call me Hal.

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Flame on!
If you've been writing fanfic for a while, and especially if you write slash, you've probably been flamed. I know I have. Generally it doesn't bother me too much. If people post flamey comments on my website, I usually leave them up.

Someone's working her (or his, I suppose) way through my LotR fic right now, leaving the usual remarks about the characters aren't gay, blah, blah blah. No big. But she quoted one of my fave flames ever, which someone else left about a year ago on a rather innocuous Merry/Pippin story:

This website is promoting the fact of them being gay!!!!

How great is that? Their gayness is not in question -- it's outing them that's so blameworthy.

I don't know why it is, but the LotR fic gets many more flames than anything else on my site. I had to actually disallow comments on one story because people started flaming each other over Merry and Pippin. The other stuff -- X-Files, X-Men, Star Wars, Stargate, HP -- rarely draws any anti-slash negativity. Actually, there's one HP drabble where I've been flamed quite a lot because Harry and Draco don't fuck. (I did get quite a few flames on a PotC story, since apparently Jack Sparrow is the straightest man on the planet and wouldn't kiss another man to save his own life.) Prince of Tennis doesn't count since they're all gay anyhow. This is the fandom where het stories on ff.n are marked "non-yaoi".

Have you gotten any cool flames? If you're multi-fandom are there particular fandoms that draw more flames? Do you ever want to sneak around late at night and flame people anonymously?

Flames on fic? I tend to get them only on Giles-slash, especially Giles/Oz (the usual Giles isn't gay! And he's not a child molester!. But marginalia gets the best ones.

Er, there ought to be a closing parenthesis up there.

And I've been flamed, too, for not bringing on the smut, Joss forbid apparently that Giles and Xander *don't* get it on.

Prince of Tennis doesn't count since they're all gay anyhow. This is the fandom where het stories on ff.n are marked "non-yaoi".


So sad, yet so very true. If there were more than three eligible females on the show...

Konomi has only himself to blame.

Have you gotten any cool flames?

Never. I only get the standard "u suck cuz Dou and Heero aReN't GHEI!" emails, which I grammar-pick and mock mercilessly and then send back.

...no one ever flames me twice. ;_; I'm so unloved.

I saw a story on ff.n where the summary was something like:

Pretend that some of the Seigaku boys aren't gay.

I feel the lack of women on the show! I wanted to write a parody where the boys are pining for the girls and the girls only have eyes for each other, but I was stymied by the sad lack Girls With Names.

I don't think I've gotten any GW flames thus far. Hmm.

Life is so unfair. No-one ever flames me. I have never, ever got a flame. I've been in fandom since 1996 and posting fiction since 1998. What am I doing wrong?

Hmm, hard to say. People are much more likely to flame in a public environment, though, like ff.n or a website like mine that posts the comments on the story pages.

It's really hard to know what will set them off. Hell, I wrote that story where Krycek kills and *eats* Mulder and most of the fb I got said, OMG! That was great but you're going to get so flamed! But nary a flame did I ever see. But let two hobbits gently kiss each other and I'm going to hell.

Heehee! I noticed that one about "promoting the fact of them being gay" too, the last time you mentioned flames. Yow. I don't know wy, I've posted all sorts of things everywhere and never got an actual thing that could be called a flame. Possibly it's my fandoms and the stuff I write - by and large anime, and one Smallville, mostly humour and non-explicit. I don want to flame people - I just wring my hands and wish I dared say butbutbut that's wrong - and send corrections, or something. :)

argh, I'm so sorry - no idea why so many typos today...

I have never been flamed. This fact causes me greate payne.

It's one of those Rites of Passage, like Bar Mitzveh or Rocky Horror.

I once received a flame for one of my stories that wasn't actually meant for me. It was meant for the person who stole my story and posted it on a website under her name.

Except she forgot to take my email address off the headers, so I got the email instead of her, which is how I discovered she had plagiarized me.

I sent the flamer an email thanking him for inadvertently alerting me to the theft. *g*

Ok, that's the Best Flame Story ever!

I only ever get flames on my Yu-Gi-Oh! stories. Largely that's because I also have a very high-traffic Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Guide that draws a lot of people, probably mostly young boys, who get very freaked out at the idea of their idol, the super-cool Kaiba, being gay. (I never get flamed on the Yugi/Jounouchi stuff, only the Kaiba stories.) It's a folder on my main fic site, so even though there are no links to my fic on the Episode Guide, it's very easy for people to back up a folder and find it.

If I'd had any idea how popular the ep guide was going to get I'd have gotten a separate domain for it in the beginning, but it's too late now. I did eventually SafeSurf code my entire fic site in response to the person who told me I'm the sickest person in the world for leaving that fic out where little kids can run across it. I don't necessarily agree that my stories are that harmful to children, but on the other hand, having the ep guide on my site does make it easier than it should be for little kids to unintentionally stumble across the stories.

Still, my total number of flames since starting the ep guide has been maybe five? Which isn't that many considering how much traffic the site gets. So I don't worry too much about it.

It's funny how people are selective about the characters like that. I got a good one on some SW fic once that complained that "Obi-Wan isn't gay! Luke, maybe, but not Obi-Wan!"

Generally, I'm amused by the flames. Or just bored.

(Deleted comment)
Did the flames make you see the error of your ways? *g*

And your icon is so pretty.

I have never been flamed for my stories, possibly because my author's note tends to include a warning that flames will be returned with interest. I've certainly seen my share of flames in discussion, however.

I tend to be very conciliatory in discussions, so I've never really got those kind of flames. Maybe I should rethink that strategy.

I was once called a peddler of pedophilia on ff.net for a one-line mention of Logan/Rogue in a Scott/Jean story in XMM. And I wrote a Scott/Rogue/Logan threesome which was trashed because Rogue was "nothing but a sperm receptacle for the two men." Of course, the latter came from someone who'd written Kitty/Scott/Logan where Kitty was only 15 and was being picked up to be taken to the school, so I got a little thrill out of the hypocrisy of it.

I don't think I've gotten flamed in any other fandom, though I did once receive what would probably have been a four-page essay if I'd printed it out, on the wrongness of my Remus and Sirius characterization (Remus=too perfect, Sirius=either too submissive or too much of a bastard, the person couldn't decide). It wasn't flamey so much as ... incoherent and inspiring of a huge WTF moment, when she went on and on about preferring the popular fanon versions to the more accurate canon-based versions (her terminology, not mine).

But I'll never forget that 'peddling pedophilia' line, considering Rogue was at least seventeen and the story wasn't even about her. If only that person could see some of my HP fic. *snerk*

Rogue was "nothing but a sperm receptacle for the two men."

Oh, that's priceless. And anyhow, I thought that when you fucked Rogue you had to do it with a condom on.

I would love to be The Mad Flamer, anonymously--trashing people who have no concept of grammar or prose narration and the like. Running through ff.net posting, "Please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP. You have NO IDEA. You are a force for chaos and terror in this world--STOP IT NOW."

Oh, but those stories are some of my favourites, you know? I think I'd go around flaming all the people I'm secretly jealous of.

*howls with laughter* Ah, yes, the Eternal Truth of Fandom: flamers are incapable of properly employing Standard English grammar.

I've never been flamed for a story. The closest it's ever come was snottiness about some characterization or other, and then only three times I can remember. All Prince of Tennis. The scarcity could, I suppose, be because I respond fairly extremely.

...not as extremely as in my personal journal, of course. That's the only place I really flame, to blow off steam (and mix my metaphors). In direct response I prefer freezing.

I've been flamed once or twice for my analytical sites. The most memorable was someone who wrote at great length to say (and reiterate in various phrasings) that Faye loves Spike, not Jet. At least, I think that was the point; since I don't make any pairing argument at all on the Cowboy Bebop pages I don't recall precisely what mis-reading exercised this reader. Oh, and also that I shouldn't reply because she wouldn't read the message.

Personally, I thought that was cheating, for a flamer.

I suppose if I want to get away with my Secrit Flaming Spree, I'd better study up on how to write like one. Hmm.

I had a kind of odd thing happen a few weeks back where some chick went through all the HP stories on my site and left comments. The stories she liked, she responded effusively: "I love it! Genius!" And the ones she didn't, just as effusively: "I hate it! It sucks!" And she even left her name and email. It puzzled me since it wasn't a typical flamer pattern.

I haven't responded yet b/c I'm not quite sure what to say other than, "Didn't your mother raise you to be polite?" *g*

...since apparently Jack Sparrow is the straightest man on the planet and wouldn't kiss another man to save his own life.

Sorry but that just reduced me to fits of giggles *g*
And no - never been flamed. ::sob:: I do but live in hope.

Never had the desire to flame anonymously. Should I ever go the flame route I shall get it beta'd and consult evil-tongued friends to ensure that I have the correct balance of insults and vituperation.

That was pretty much the premise of the story too.

Now I want you to flame me, just so I can read a polished and erudite flame for once. :)

(Deleted comment)
What is the "real" alcohol content of magic beer?

God love canon magical realism. dS fanfic is so much tamer than the actual show ...

Clear Vision:
"NONONONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOO! So wrong! I don't mean homosexual love because I have *no* problem with that...but just not Han!!!! He belongs to the princess!!! Sorry, i could keep quiet no longer.......;)" --Han's Wookiee

"All the waters of Corellia" (Han/Luke romance):

"What the are you doing you mother er! This is so wrong. Han is supposed to be with Leia you head! This story absolutly sucks the
ass. You're making them out to be homos. Are you one yourself and you just wrote this for your own amusement? Your seriously ed up!" --HANNA

Cockpit (missing scene from ANH):

"u people with ur gayness its nasty" -d

Hidden Destinations:
"You suck you s*** head. Stop writing and get off the internet. If you want to write these stories, go ahead. Just don't post them on the net for everyone to see you homo!" --anonymous

And my personal favorite, from "Every harlot":

"Stop puting Han/Luke together its gust sick puting two male Star Wars carters together like that. I want to read Luke/Leia and some other women also."

Because incest and orgies are great, but gayness is nasty.

Re: I get SW flamage!

Hey, crazy space incest is all the rage. *g* Mmm, Luke/Leia...