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You never know what may be lurking on your hard drive...

So, I was browsing through some old fic files and found this. It's, uh, Sweet Valley High. I think I had plans for a whole series of SVH smut pieces, but it never got any further than this.

Please, don't anyone tell Francine Pascal. She fucking scares me.

Todd/Jessica, R, 500 words.

"No, Todd," Elizabeth said and pulled away. She frowned at him.

Todd sighed. "I'm sorry."

Her expression softened. "I just think it's best that we wait." She kissed him on the cheek. "Goodnight, Todd."

He got out of the car and walked her to the door. He loved Elizabeth, but he was so frustrated he felt like screaming. Or like grabbing her and--

The door clicked shut behind her and Todd started back to the car. A noise made him turn, a soft moan on the night air. He crossed the lawn and looked around the corner of the house. It was dark, but he could see two figures there. Jessica and Ken Matthews. Jessica had her arms around Ken's shoulders, her skirt was riding up, and Ken was fucking her against the side of the house.

Todd knew he should go, but he couldn't look away. He could just barely see Jessica's face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, sighing out with every thrust. When Todd realised he was stroking himself through his pants, he knew he really should go.

He went back to the car, thought he'd better jack off right there, before he even thought about driving home. But he heard voices, coming closer, and he waited.

Ken was parked a little way down the road and Todd saw him get into his car, saw Jessica lean into the window to kiss him goodbye. Then Ken roared off into the night and Jessica walked back and got into the passenger seat of Todd's car. She picked up a package of gum from the dash and helped herself.

"Waiting for Elizabeth?" she said. There was a streetlight nearby and her face and hair were bleached pale in the cold light.

"No," Todd said.

Jessica laughed. "That's all you're doing, Wilkins." She pulled out a lipstick and turned the rearview toward her, painting her lips a glossy red. Todd looked at her mouth and thought about her and Ken, up against the wall. He was still hard, still frustrated. Jessica turned to him and he knew she knew he'd been watching them. She blew a bubble and it popped, pink gum against her red mouth. "Don't you get tired of waiting?"

She put her hand behind his head and yanked him close. She kissed him, hard, and when he opened his mouth, she pushed the gum inside. Her other hand was in his lap, squeezing his cock through his pants, pulling down the zipper, reaching inside.

Then she sucked him off. He watched her head move up and down. He felt her lips slide over his cock, warm, wet, a hundred times better than his own clenched fist. He chewed the gum and felt the pressure building inside him, like a weight pulling him down. When he came, he swallowed the gum and almost choked.

Jessica lifted her head and looked at him. Her mouth was wet, her lipstick smudged. She turned and spat on the floor. Todd did up his pants. His cock was streaked glossy red.

Jessica took another piece of gum and got out of the car. Todd drove home.

In the morning, he met Elizabeth for breakfast.
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