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Read this.

I wanted to write something brilliant and insightful this morning, but it's too early and I stayed up too late. Instead, here's a fic rec for when you need a break from reading about schoolboys:

Sharpe's Soldier by alais
(Yes, the link is to ff.n. Click on it anyhow.)
Flashman/Sharpe crossover slash. Flashman's POV.

I've not read (or seen) any Sharpe, but I've read a bunch of Flashman. Flashy is dead-on here and the story is just wonderful. A sample:

Since I've expounded at length in other pages on the various kinds of attractiveness to be found in the gentler sex, I should point out here that chaps are, frankly, much less universally enticing a bunch, so many of 'em being sneaks or snots, pompous or primping. Still there's much to be said in praise of the tight cheeks of a fresh youth, or the style and imagination of a man in his middle years who's travelled with an open mind and picked up a few treasures of debauchery along the way. Sharpe and his Sergeant fitted neither of these categories of course - instead, their appeal came from being a third type: the antithesis of everything feminine. While a woman is a fine wine, soft on the palette, smooth and scented, Sharpe and Harper were cheap blue ruin: hard, rough and stinking, but just as intoxicating. And sometimes, after all, a man just wants to get beastly drunk.

Really, you don't need to have read any Flashman either to appreciate this. You just need to like good writing and men having sex. And who doesn't?

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