Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Tenipuri 163

Last week, I finally caught up with the tenipuri raws. So this week, I was able to watch 163 in all its untranslated glory.

It's a good thing this show is relatively simple. I can't imagine watching, say, Gundam Wing raw and having the slightest clue about what's going on. (Of course, I sometimes felt that way about GW after watching a subbed ep two or three times.)

This was one of those eps where you suspend your disbelief as far as it will go without it snapping back and hitting you in the eye and then it still seems utterly ridiculous. But I've grown to accept that. (The Boy still hasn't -- I can just imagine what he'll have to say when he sees it.)

Anyhow, mostly I wanted to say: OH MY GOD THIS EP WAS SO SHIPPY!


Oh, man, when Kaidoh looked at Inui and Inui just melted away! And when Kaidoh, er, thought he was a cat, and Inui was coaxing him with that ohmygodsexy voice, and then patting Kaidoh on the head. And going to the river. And then Kaidoh looking at Inui and Inui melting away again. And Inui chucking rocks into the river. And then running up at the end.

a;lkasdfj;alskjdf       *transforms into 16 year old fangirl*

I'm scared to watch this subbed. What if the dialouge makes it less shippy?

(Also, Ryoma clutching Inui's shirt was so damn cute.)
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