Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

F is for Fanservice

So I watched tenipuri 164 raw.

Oh. My. God. The bicycle shorts.

I die.

Also, Kaidoh was just so cute, with his headset phone and his bicycle and his code name. I'm sure he thought he was the coolest spy guy ever. (Sorry, sweetie, you're my baby, but you'll never be Racer X.) Here's a tip: if you're going undercover, lose the bandana. (And I'm not just saying that just so I can see your pretty hair.)

And then there were the gloves. The fingerless gloves. And this...

Words fail me. I am thinking bad, bad thoughts now.

But we were so cheated out of a Speedo shot.

La la la, I'm so obsessed.

I'm a little ticked because this ep kind of jossed a story I was planning. Well, I can still write it, but now everybody is going to think I got my idea from the ep, which I did not. I guess if I'm really that petty, I can put a petty author's note on it explaining how I'm really a creative genius, not a cheesy copier.

Back to the bad thoughts because they're fun.
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