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On the subject of me

I have finished the first draft of my yuletide story, despite having reinstalled the Sims yesterday. Now I have to go out to dinner and review it and then see if kestrelsan finished her shacking_up story so we can do a beta swap. (How's that going?)

It strikes me that with yuletide, the Marcus/Oliver, and the Percy story, I have built up a nice little credit for InuKai stories. As you probably don't recall, I've been working on a one-for-one system for the last little while, to keep myself from only writing sappy InuKai. But now I can write three! Though I think I'll swap one out for a MomoKai instead. I've not forgotten about TezuRyo, but I have to spend some time over the break (I get nearly two weeks off) plotting out the arc so I can write the next installment.

Writing this yuletide story has brought up some particular writing issues that I'd like to blog about, but it would give way too much information away about what I was writing, so I will have to try to remember it for later. Just so you know this post could have been interesting.

The reason I've reinstalled the Sims is because I am a weak, weak, obsessed fangirl and there are tenipuri skins. Bascially, I want to play out a number of soap-operatic scenarios with them, mostly of an InuKai-MomoKai nature, but there's plenty of scope for other goings-on. I have two Seigaku houses, since there are too many to fit into one, and one Hyotei house (minus Jiroh and Gakuto, who are not yet skinned), which I've still to actually build. The Seigaku guys have to work for their money, but Hyotei will get cheat-coded into opulence once I have the time.

In other news, suprnova is closed and tvtorrents.net is gone. I read on slashdot that suprnova is going to some new weird kind of distributed system they've invented, but I'm not sure how it differs from P2P. I won't mind *too* much if I can't get BSG as it will be on Space in January and I was going to tape it anyhow. But if I can't get Stargate from somewhere, I'm boned for quite some time. I have not yet investigated; I'm sure it will be available from somewhere.

Oh, and the coolest thing about Return of the King, EE or theatrical cut? Grond.
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