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I had actually forgotten which fandoms I requested this year, so it was a double surprise for me. The story written for me is a lovely Twin Peaks piece about Cooper and Truman: Otis Redmund's Great Whopper. It feels like something that could have actually happened on the show. I am pleased. :)

There were a couple of Prince of Tennis stories posted. It kind of weirds me out to see my primary writing fandom categorized as a minor fandom, but I think it's just minor among the set of people who signed up for Yuletide.

With No Mirror To See is about Kawamura and the challenges he faces. This is an awesome story that I thought got into Kawamura's head very effectively. It made me feel...wistful or something similar. Please read it.

Comes The Sun is a lovely MomoRyo future fic.

And finally, there was a Koko wa Greenwood story I enjoyed a lot, Mitsuru/Shinobu: Figures A and B, division and connection.

My recipient seems to have liked her story, so that's all to the good. :)

And now on with the day. I'm doing worse than usual with my holiday projects list, due to the Sims and the tenipuri skins. I spent all day yesterday building the Hyotei mansion. (And I'm sure it's not even as nice as Atobe's "cottage".) Seigaku has to work hard for their money, but Hyotei got cheat-coded into opulance. It's only right.

Confidential to M: I'm sorry. I'll start working on that today, okay sweetie?
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