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You can call me Hal.

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Calibrating the weirdness scale
I was just having a conversation with the Boy where I demanded to know just how weird a certain behaviour of mine was. What's the scale? he asked me. So we devised one.

Least weird - 0 - toast
Medium weird - 50 - Dungeons & Dragons
Most weird - 100 - Michael Jackson

So, based on that scale, how weird would you say it is to keep a Lego tableau on your desk (at home, not work) of Harry dressed as Luke Skywalker and Draco dressed as Anakin Skywalker, holding a chain that's around Harry's neck?

I can't rate your Lego fetish, but I wanted to say I love your weirdness scale. I may have to adopt it.

Oh, dude, I don't know. Have you seen Hello Kitty toast? Toast from an internet-equipped toaster that has the daily weather forecast printed on it?

...there are internet equipped toasters?

Now that's something that all you can do is boggle and ask, "Why?"

We here at Casa del Sab gauge you a 65, which is 40 for the HP Lego plus 25 for the XO and kink.

W00t! That's a place on the scale I'm comfortable with.

You? Are hilarious. I give you a 51% on the weirdness scale--but then again, that is relative to *me*, who is currently fantasizing about Jack Davenport as a BtVS watcher who falls hopelessly in love with Spike, who falls hopelessly in love back, and there is sex.

So anyway.

Hmm, I'll give you 43 for your fantasy. And that's only because Spike falls in love back. Personally, I think he'd just use Jack and then toss him aside.

(Deleted comment)
Sure, that would be cool. :)


Primarily because of the mixing of HP and StarWars fandoms, and the whole father/son bondage/incest kink - which is ALMOST cute, in lego form.


Lego has that effect, doesn't it? Especially with Draco's cute little angry face.

Dude, there's weather toast? I think I might not be able to lead a fulfilled life now that I know of such things but do not have them for myself. It's so ridiculous that it's perfect. Can MoodToast be far behind?

As far as the diorama goes, I'd give it a 72. Bonus Weird Points for the role-play/bondage one-two punch as applied to well-known archetypal characters dressed as well-known archetypal characters, Weird Penalty points for having it squirreled away at home rather than at work and for missing the opportunity to have Harry dressed as Leia with hair danishes.

You could probably up your score if you pause to whine "But I was going to go to the Taaaashi Station to pick up some pooower converrrrterrrs" in a plummy Brit accent whenever you walk by. You know, should you care to.

Well, at work I do have an Obi-Wan action figure (not Lego) that's duct-taped hand and foot, with a tiny piece of duct tape over his mouth and Darth Maul standing over him.

why in my world, that is delicious toast with butter, Hal.

I think I would need to see pictures to really judge *g*.

Hey! I'm offended that you think it's so normal!

...wait, normal people don't have things like that on their desks?

How would having a series of Harry Potter Legos on your bookshelves rate? Because I've got maybe ... six minisets (Remus' classroom! Sirius escapes the tower! Quidditch! Quidditch shop! et al) on my bookshelves. Which isn't to mention the scale of having slash downloaded on my PalmPilot. Even bdsm slash, from time to time. Although not Luke/Anakin/Harry/Draco bdsm, even though there must be a story out there somewhere.

Don't forget that if you put the legs on the Lego minifigs backwards, they can give blowjobs!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! That you think D&D is really, really weird?

That seems a good estimate.