Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

If beach volleyball can be an Olympic sport...

We watched Bring It On last night for the nth time. I thought that maybe the Boy would be tired of Eliza Dushku after spending all his spare time watching his Tru Calling DVDs, but he didn't seem to mind. *g*

We are as one on the subject of Eliza. She's just hotter than anybody has the right to be. Otherwise, though, our taste in women seems to differ. I recall one argument at the gaming table over Tankgirl vs Jetgirl that got so heated that we forced the other players to look at pictures and express their opinions. (Bastards, they all sided with him and Jetgirl. The photos really didn't do Tankgirl justice.) You could tell they were all thinking, Is this something that couples are supposed to argue about?

I haven't been watching Tru Calling along with him, but he says it's a lot better now that the episodes are in order. But that the version of the pilot on the DVDs has most or all of the gratuitous running sequences cut. Well, we still have our videotapes.

Last night I went to the pub and it was warm inside and I had beer and there was curling on TV. It was very nice.
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